With a 94% skills deficit in engineering and technology, technical skills are more in demand than literacy in the Zimbabwean job market .
There simply aren’t enough qualified people to fill the jobs in the engineering and technology sectors .
Receiving a higher education from a technical college is the closest you’ll get to a guaranteed job after graduation. Now that’s how you secure your future.
A fulfilling career gives you more than a stable income. A fulfilling career is essential in a competitive world.
With a stable income, you can look after your family. You can provide your children with the opportunities you never had. You can look after your parents when they’re too old to do it for themselves.
You can secure your future. Your family’s future. The future of your community.
In most industries, competition for jobs is fierce. Which is why people enroling tertiary education; to get ahead of the competition when entering the job market.
The thing is, most people are pursuing higher education in the business and commerce sectors.
So, even with all this higher education, new graduates are struggling to find jobs. They’re competing against 1000’s of applicants for every position. Applicants that are more educated. More experienced. More qualified.
In these sectors (business and commerce), there are not enough jobs to go around.
As if this wasn’t bad enough, many people are stuck with lingering student debt after paying for a degree they can’t afford, to qualify for a job they won’t get.
This leads to a repeat of the poverty cycle, instead of the educated people in our families helping break the poverty cycle.
Nobody should have to run this gauntlet, only to emerge on the other side without a job or a stable income. Everybody should be able to support themselves. To support their families.
That’s why Quayside Technical College was founded. You can take advantage of all the job opportunities in the technical sector. And we’re here to help you.


QTC is registered with the Ministry of Higher & Tertiary Education and accredited by Zimbabwe’s Higher Education Examinations Council (HEXCO). What’s HEXCO? HEXCO controls the quality of examinations, curricula, registration, and accreditation of private technical institutions.


It means that any qualification you get from QTC is recognised by the relevant industry. So, you can continue your education with any other recognised universities. HEXCO ensures that education standards are set according to industry needs. It means that you’ll be more prepared to enter the job market when the time comes. This is all part of our mission to help you succeed. But we’re not stopping there. For a limited time, we’re offering you 15% off the enrolment fee. That’s right. We want to train you to become part of only 6% of the workforce qualified for employment in the technical and engineering sectors. And we’re offering you 10% off if you enrol now. Once enrolled, you’ll get practical learning opportunities while you’re studying. You’ll have the opportunity to practice what you’ve learned in the real world. It’s the closest you’ll get to a guaranteed job after graduation .

Take the easy route to a well-paid career. Skip the competition. Ditch the debt. Forget about a life of poverty. Are you ready to take control of your life? Grab your 10% enrollment discount now



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